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Mar 28, 2024

Keep In Mind - Case Study

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Keep In Mind specializes in custom software solutions, particularly in the livestreaming sector. This case study details how we utilized Elixir and the Membrane Framework to improve live interpreter services.

The Challenge

Our client, a provider of live interpreter video augmentation services, faced a logistical hurdle: interpreters had to be physically present in studios to work. This process involved viewing and interpreting the livestream, which was then mixed with the original broadcast. The goal was to enable interpreters to perform their tasks remotely, from home.

The Solution

We developed an application using Elixir, which provided an HTTP endpoint for sign interpreters. This interface allowed them to interact via webcams, access real-time transcriptions, and hear the live audio. A key feature was the ability for interpreters to switch themselves 'on-air', integrating their video with the live stream. The platform utilized HLS for audio/subtitle ingestion, WebRTC for video handling, and RTMP for broadcasting the mixed stream. Custom plugins were developed for video mixing and subtitle embedding, adhering to the CEA708 standard. Throughout this project, our interactions with the Membrane Core team were exceptionally positive, marked by responsive support and collaborative problem-solving, which greatly contributed to the success of our solution.


Working with the Membrane Framework was a positive experience, particularly due to its pipeline-centric approach which enhanced performance and customization. The framework's design for creating and testing plugins independently proved beneficial for quick problem-solving and efficient debugging. This project not only provided a technical solution but also significantly improved the work process for live interpreters, making their services more accessible and flexible.

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