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Jul 9, 2024

Firework - Case Study

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Firework is an innovative online platform that enables business owners to connect with their customers through video. Our platform offers features such as shoppable videos, always-on storefront broadcasts, and one-on-one calls with sales assistants.

The Challenge

We aimed to implement a "digital human" – an ever-learning, tailor-made knowledge base that could support website inquiries and provide real-time recommendations to customers. However, the challenge lay in developing the sophisticated live streaming service required for this cutting-edge product. Recognizing the complexity and resource-intensive nature of building such a system from the ground up, we needed to find a way to achieve our ambitious goals efficiently and effectively.

The Solution

To address this challenge, we collaborated closely with Software Mansion to develop a robust live streaming service capable of ingesting and playing back video in near-real-time with ultra-low latency.

Using the Membrane framework, we worked together to create a processing pipeline to ingest and mix inputs efficiently. Software Mansion also developed a custom Membrane plugin connection to our preferred WebRTC vendor, ensuring minimal latency in stream delivery.


The project was characterized by close collaboration with Software Mansion’s engineering team actively involved throughout the process. Despite facing numerous obstacles the project has been progressing steadily for over a year. This partnership allowed us to overcome technical challenges and adapt the streaming infrastructure according to our evolving needs.


The collaboration resulted in a scalable backend streaming infrastructure that continues to adapt to our requirements and technical challenges. Our solution enabled Firework to successfully launch a novel product to the market, enhancing our service offerings and customer engagement capabilities.

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