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Hello, we are a team of multimedia geeks

We are a part of Software Mansion, a company that is specialised in creating both multimedia solutions and developer tools.

The origin story
Why we got started
We've been working with multimedia streaming technologies for years and have witnessed the struggles and limitations of existing tools. We've seen how the growth of multimedia projects is slowed down by long development processes, scalability issues, and problems with finding experienced developers. We found that the multimedia SaaS platforms with ready-to-use solutions only answered a small portion of the issues we encountered. The benefits were overshadowed by high costs and the lack of customizability. When we saw the limitations of the existing tools, we decided to build our own.
What we strive for
The ideas behind Membrane were mainly the ease of development and giving the code back to the developers. It is a product of our focus on providing ready-to-use solutions while making space for customization. Membrane does not contain a ready-to-go solution for every problem developers encounter while creating multimedia apps. It has been made to create a friendly and understandable environment for developers to build that solution themselves.
Open source
Membrane is open source and always will be. We are building the future of multimedia processing with our community’s involvement and help. Together we make Membrane more useful, intuitive, and up-to-date - with developers’ needs in mind. Working on Membrane also allows us at Software Mansion to share our expertise and build products based on reliable, open software. We are open to any suggestions that can help us move forwards. We’re also ready to advise and review new plugins (you can learn how to create a plugin from one of our tutorials).

Our goal is to create a framework that makes implementing multimedia streaming as easy as creating a web app.

Join the Membrane's team

We are always looking for creative individuals that want to make a difference in multimedia programming.