Dec 12, 2022

Membrane Update: December 2022

We would like to keep you up to date with what we are currently working on and what our upcoming plans are.

In progress:

Membrane Core:

  • Release v1.0.0-rc of the Membrane Core
  • Update of existing Membrane packages in Membrane framework organization so that they use Membrane Core v0.11


  • WebRTC Simulcast
  • RTX (RTP retransmissions) in both directions


  • Audio/video synchronization
  • HTTP adaptive streaming
  • Segments length check


  • A new frontend for our video-communication application (you can test Membrane Videoroom here)
  • Video Compositor - implementation of a scene architecture abstraction that will make the compositor more easily extendable
  • A website tab based on our Discord threads, so that it is easier to find solutions for technical problems with Membrane
  • Creating a Discord tool for generating pages based on Discord’s help threads
  • A documentation generator for native code
  • Automatic benchmarks for every new PR (CPU performance)
  • An Ogg depayloader, which will be able to read an Ogg file containing audio encoded with Opus codec

Educational resources:

  • Membrane React Native WebRTC educational materials and tutorials

Membrane Live:

  • Responsive mobile UI for Android and iOS applications
  • Chat with moderation
  • A preview of the presenter’s video and audio before starting a broadcast

Upcoming plans:


  • First version of Jellyfish server in Q1 2023


  • Enabling the use of both Simulcast and DisplayManager at the same time
  • Building new React libraries in Videoroom


  • Supporting LLHLS
  • Implementing multivariant HLS

Membrane Live:

  • Integration of Membrane's own video compositor with Membrane Live

Educational resources:

  • Publishing an article about Membrane React Native WebRTC
  • Updating Membrane Guide’s introduction

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact us via e-mail or on our Membrane Framework Discord channel.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and updating you on what’s new in Membrane!