Debugging bundlex/unifex errors

Hello, I've been tinkering with membrane cross-compiled to Nerves (rpi4).

I've had features (e.g. microphone input) working recently but it seems it has broken with recent upgrades.

Would anyone have any tips on debugging the unifex_create/3 error below?

I suspect it's loading precompiled NIFs onto the wrong architecture but I'm not seeing where I can disable precompiled libraries (or if this is even the right thing to be investigating...)

 (stop) {:membrane_child_crash, :encoder, {“Nif fail: Elixir.Membrane.Opus.Encoder.Native.unifex_create/3”, [{:erlang, :nif_error, [“Nif fail: Elixir.Membrane.Opus.Encoder.Native.unifex_create/3"], [error_info: %{module: :erl_erts_errors}]}, {Membrane.Opus.Encoder.Native.Nif, :unifex_create, 3, [file: ~c”lib/membrane_opus/encoder/native.ex”, line: 1]}, {Membrane.Opus.Encoder, :handle_setup, 2, [file: ~c”lib/membrane_opus/encoder.ex”, line: 70]}, {Membrane.Core.CallbackHandler, :exec_callback, 4, [file: ~c”lib/membrane/core/callback_handler.ex”, line: 139]}, {Membrane.Core.CallbackHandler, :exec_and_handle_callback, 5, [file: ~c”lib/membrane/core/callback_handler.ex”, line: 69]}, {Membrane.Core.Element.LifecycleController, :handle_setup, 1, [file: ~c”lib/membrane/core/element/lifecycle_controller.ex”, line: 62]}, {Membrane.Core.Element, :handle_continue, 2, [file: ~c”lib/membrane/core/element.ex”, line: 172]}, {:gen_server, :try_handle_continue, 3, [file: ~c”gen_server.erl”, line: 1085]}]}}
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