HTTPAdaptiveStream issue with hls.js

I was wondering if anyone else has experieneced this issues with HLS?

I have a working pipeline generating HLS output which plays fine with Safari and it's native support for HLS.

However, when trying to get playback working in Chrome using hls.js it seems to stick at the buffering stage. It downloads the index.m3u8 file which looks like this:


but doesn't then download the reference g3cFdmlkZW8.m3u8 file.

This is all using Core v 1.0.0. The HTTPAdaptiveStream Bin setup is:

    manifest_module: Membrane.HTTPAdaptiveStream.HLS,
    mode: :live,
    target_window_duration: :infinity,
    persist?: true,
    storage: %Membrane.HTTPAdaptiveStream.Storages.FileStorage{directory: hls_path}
  get_if_exists: true)
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