Audio Loop

Hello everyone in the Elixir Membrane community! I've recently taken an interest in Membrane and have started learning about it. I've been working with Elixir for about three years, so I am fairly comfortable with Elixir. However, I'm not very familiar with media-related technologies, so I'm facing some challenges. While going through the tutorials, I've come across a question. Below is a demo provided by Membrane that reads a music file and outputs it to a speaker. How can I make the music play automatically again after it ends? To put it in terms of a music player, I would like to implement a loop feature. If you have any good ideas, or if there are documents or code that I should look into further, your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

def handle_init(_ctx, path_to_mp3) do
    # Setup the flow of the data
    # Stream from file
    spec =
      child(:file, %Membrane.File.Source{location: path_to_mp3})
      # Decode frames
      |> child(:decoder, Membrane.MP3.MAD.Decoder)
      # Convert Raw :s24le to Raw :s16le
      |> child(:converter, %Membrane.FFmpeg.SWResample.Converter{
        output_stream_format: %Membrane.RawAudio{
          sample_format: :s16le,
          sample_rate: 48000,
          channels: 2
      # Stream data into PortAudio to play it on speakers.
      |> child(:portaudio, Membrane.PortAudio.Sink)

    {[spec: spec], %{}}
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