How to pass some client side parameters to an RTMP pipeline

Hey team I have an RTMP pipeline (which I simplified for the purpose of the question):

  def handle_init(ctx, socket: socket) do"Starting RTMP pipeline")

    structure = [
      child(:source, %Membrane.RTMP.Source{
        socket: socket,
        validator: Membrane.RTMP.DefaultMessageValidator
      |> child(:demuxer, Membrane.FLV.Demuxer)
      |> via_out(Pad.ref(:audio, 0))
      # we use a fake sink to terminate the pipeline
      |> child(:fake_sink, Membrane.Fake.Sink.Buffers)

    {[spec: structure, playback: :playing], %{}}

Which is served by an TCP server:

 {Membrane.RTMP.Source.TcpServer, rtmp_server_options()},
defp rtmp_server_options do
      port: rtmp_port(),
      listen_options: [
        packet: :raw,
        active: false,
        ip: rtmp_ip()
      socket_handler: fn socket ->
        # On new connection a pipeline is started
        {:ok, _supervisor, pipeline} = MyPipeline.Pipeline.start_link(socket: socket)
        {:ok, pipeline}

This works great, I can initiate an rtmp session using this kind of url for example: rtmp://localhost:5000

Now I'm trying to use url like this: rtmp://localhost:5000?rtmp_id=xxxx or even something like this: rtmp://localhost:5000/xxxx/ So within my pipeline I can get this xxxx and use if for different things (maybe you can think of a filename which could be anice usecase) So far I don't manage to find how I can get this xxxx within my pipeline, happy to know if there is anotherway to do that 😄 ! Thanks

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