Hello ( react integration )

Hey fellas, we want to make something similar to what .sloy brought up recently with react native integration. I couldn't really grasp how the architecture will be (especially the player).

So how does an integration with membrane would really work? Currently we have a music player where it plays from 2 kinds of sources; one is a remote postgres db, other is IPFS for NFT music.

Currently we have a react front-end and our player just receives a list of src urls to play on the client-side. It sometimes receives mp3 and sometimes mp4 (especially on NFTs it is mostly in audiovisual format).

In case we get membrane up, will it work as a rest service or something? Would like to make use of membrane for the player, what'd be the best architecture? Would be really cool to get our new architecture's multimedia service developed together.

This is the project I'm talking about: https://newnew.media

Thank you for the support in advance ~

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