Pipeline with RTMP source and AAC decoder

Hi everyone 🙂 (message can be redundant with the one I posted on slack, sorry about that) I'm currently building a POC for live transcription using whisper model. I checked Lawik example already which uses either the mic as or a file as a source to achieve it. In my case I do have RTMP source with AAC codec for audio and flv format. I've built a pipeline which seems to be "ok":

  def handle_init(_ctx, socket: socket) do
    structure = [
      child(:source, %Membrane.RTMP.SourceBin{
        socket: socket,
        validator: Membrane.RTMP.DefaultMessageValidator
      |> via_out(:audio)
      |> child(:decoder, Membrane.AAC.FDK.Decoder)
      |> child(:converter, %Converter{
        output_stream_format: %RawAudio{
          sample_format: :f32le,
          sample_rate: 16000,
          channels: 1
      |> child(:fake_sink, Membrane.Fake.Sink.Buffers)

    {[spec: structure, playback: :playing], %{}}}

When I start it it initialise without issues however it doesn't do anything (from what I can see) (I see debug logs showing elements received the play request)

I would be happy to get advises on that one :D, thanks !

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