Membrane.Source example for RTC Engine

28/04/2023, 17:03:38

Hi! I'm trying to implement a solution in which I can stream audio from an API to the client via the Membrane RTC Engine.

I'm basing my Membrane.Source implementation on Membrane.Hackney.Source, but now I'm a bit stuck on getting the audio to send from that to the WebRTC Endpoint.

I've created an endpoint that fowards the output of my pad to Membrane.RTC.Engine.Endpoint.WebRTC.TrackSender, but I'm wondering:

  1. Is this the right approach?
  2. If so, where do I get the correct track with which to configure the TrackSender?

If there are any examples out there implementing any sort of Source-based Membrane RTC Endpoint, I'd love to study it.


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