RTSP demo with Tapo C320WS


I'm trying to get my IP camera to work with the rtsp_to_hls demo. I get this:

[debug] Application is starting
[debug] Pipeline start link: module: Membrane.Demo.RtspToHls.Pipeline,
pipeline options: %{output_path: "hls_output", port: 20000, stream_url: "rtsp://tapoadmin:[email protected]:554/stream1"},
process options: []

[debug] Source handle_init options: %{output_path: "hls_output", port: 20000, stream_url: "rtsp://tapoadmin:[email protected]:554/stream1"}
[debug] ConnectionManager: start_link, args: [stream_url: "rtsp://tapoadmin:[email protected]:554/stream1", port: 20000, pipeline: #PID<0.345.0>]
[debug] ConnectionManager: Initializing
[debug] ConnectionManager: Connecting
[debug] [pipeline@<0.345.0>] Changing playback state from stopped to prepared
[debug] [pipeline@<0.345.0>] Playback state changed from stopped to prepared
[debug] [pipeline@<0.345.0>] Changing playback state from prepared to playing
[debug] [pipeline@<0.345.0>] Playback state changed from prepared to playing
[debug] ConnectionManager: Setting up RTSP description
[warning] ConnectionManager: Connection failed: :getting_rtsp_description_failed

Nothing ends up in the hls_outputdirectory. The camera works, both via the Tapo App on my mobile, as well as answering ping from me. The use of the User:Password , I got from: https://www.tp-link.com/se/support/faq/2680/

Any hints on how to debug this would be very nice 🙂

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