Duplicating RTMP source and conditionally forwarding to RTMP sink using Tee

Hello there,

I'm a first time user of Membrane and very much a fan. I have setup a Pipeline where I have a RTMP SourceBin that forwards the stream to a given RTMP sink. I'm attempting to use the Tee plugin to duplicate the source input to then conditionally be able to forward it to a secondary RTMP sink.

Optimally, I'd be able to only start pushing the output to the secondary sink based on an interaction with a separate web interface- but for now, I'm just trying to successfully duplicate the source stream.

I have had no success accomplishing this using the Tee plugin- is it viable to use this plugin to duplicate a RTMP source? or should I have two tee's, one for each of the video & audio outputs?

Any pointers in the right direction would be very welcome!

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