Audio/Video not transmitting in membrane_videoroom deployment

Hi everyone, first of all I would like to appreciate membrane team who have put up so much effort to make the framework usable. I'm deploying membrane_videoroom on a private server and having streams transmission/receiving issues. I've deployed the master branch with the following commands

docker build -t videoroom . docker run -p 4443:4443/tcp -p 50000-50050:50000-50050/udp --env-file .env -e INTEGRATED_TURN_CERT_PKEY=/usr/local/cert.pem -v /priv/key/integrated_turn_cert_pkey.pem:/usr/local/cert.pem videoroom

Server seems to be up and serving requests, peers are also connecting without any issues. Only problem I'm facing is that after peers join room, no video/audio is transmitted/received

following is contents of my .env file:


DATABASE=videoroom DB_USERNAME=postgres DB_PASSWORD=postgres DB_HOSTNAME=localhost DB_PORT=5432


P.S. Same issue occurs on but works fine

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