Confusion on video compositor timestamp offset

Hi 🙂 I'm working on a POC app and evaluating membrane for a project at work and I have some questions about how the timestamp offset for the video compositor plugin is supposed to work.

First the goal of the POC app is to take an arbitrary list of videos and time offsets and dynamically stitch them together into one continuous video (and then stream the result somewhere but I haven't gotten that far yet).

Some other members of my team chatted with some of the membrane contributors and they suggested we take a look at the video compositor plugin and provided us some skeleton code, however, I'm struggling to understand how the timestamp offset option that the compositor takes can be used to seek through the input.

No matter what input I give for the timestamp offset (except a negative number which raises as expected) the video starts playing from the first frame. Does the timestamp offset not do what I am expecting it to do?

My approach for the POC is to dynamically spawn (and remove previous children) at each cue point and attempt to provide the compositor timestamp offset to seek the new video to the correct offset. Is this the right approach?

Thanks! Sorry for the long post 🙂

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